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The Challenges We Face In Our Businesses

Join me on Friday mornings at 8:00 am (ET) for a 15 minute Coffee Chat on Zoom.

We're in the final quarter of 2023

Make it count!

Q4 offers us a unique opportunity to discover ways to use our marketing and networking to build those important business relationships.

In the coffee chats, we cover various topics that impact and influence our daily business interactions.

Learning to use our voices to express our unique and individual messages brings communication to the forefront. It’s not a small skill that can be easily dismissed. It screams “Pay Attention!

Communication is the foundation for developing strong relationships – both personal and business.


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The cost... is your investment of 15 minutes, your coffee,

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Sample Topics

Confusion: Clarity in communication eliminates misunderstandings. We’ll look at how to enhance understanding and engagement

Active Listening: When active listening isn’t present, missed information and miscommunication are sure to happen.

Nonverbal Communication: The cues from body language and facial expressions are somewhat lacking with virtual communication. How do we make up for that?

Emotions at Play: When anger, fear, stress, or frustration are present, there’s a high probability that rational thinking and clear communication are absent. What to do?

Overload and Overwhelm: We’re bombarded with information which often leads to critical details being missed in communication. How to deal with the OVER X 2 is our topic.

Where’s the Beef – or rather Feedback: When there’s a lack of feedback, it’s difficult to know how effective your communication is. Giving and receiving feedback is an important element in communication.

Technology Gremlins: Glitches or inexperience with tools can impair communication. Knowing how to create an environment that fosters good communication is essential.

Lorraine is a results-driven business coach with more than 25 years of experience consulting with both large enterprises and small businesses. Her unique approach is helping business owners find their way of doing business– the way that takes advantage of their special talents and interests.

She learned what it really takes to construct and grow a business by building her own, and she brings that proficiency to her clients. She says, “I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.”

Today, Lorraine is a speaker, mentor, coach, consultant, author, and radio host.

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